visuals by Gunner

I was really inspired when I first saw this piece from Gunner, and knew that I wanted to add sound and music that shifted from environment to environment, and emphasize the size and dramatic scale of the piece. There are four different shifts within the arrangement, and each has a distinct identity, so I had a lot of fun with it. Thanks for reading! 

Chinese Guzheng dulcimer, sandpaper on concrete, african jungle flute, ocarina, moog, Fender Stratocaster, vinyl crackle, tape delay, assorted synths, boomwacker, earth and dirt, car door, ruler on metal


visuals by Gunner

The pacing of this piece, also by Gunner, was what initially attracted me. There are so many separate elements, none of which are particularly patient, and most objects stay on screen no longer than half a second. The challenge of this piece was having many short sounds that still made each object easily distinguishable. It was also very abstract, and so I got the chance to use sound that wasn't too deliberate or on the nose. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed! 

Nintendo, arcade, coins, taiko drum, rubber band, projector, chimes, rainforest, static, clicks, metals, dirt, sitar, metallic bells

Waiting Room 

visuals by Andrew B. Meyers

For this piece, directed by Andrew B. Myers, I wanted to capture a sense of space and other worldliness that complemented the unnatural but captivating scenery. After doing a more complicated arrangement, I stripped it back to just two main elements, and found that it fit perfectly. Fun fact: I actually wrote this in a waiting room with only my laptop and OP-1. Thanks for reading! 

Female Choir, Room Piano, backpack rustle, leaves, Teenage Engineering OP-1

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